bonjour motherfuckers.

teddy. nb trans. he/him. 21+ ixfj. part-time magical boy.
taken by shep ♡ (18/08/2018)


please don't ask too personal questions. i don't like revealing much about myself on the internet!english is not my first language. i am also dyslexic. don't speak french with me, i only speak french with my family and irl friends.i am really affectionate towards shep and constantly tweet/talk about him.i am mentally ill, sometimes it depends on my mood what i do. you have been warned.i talk a lot about the fics i write.


typical dfi criteria.if you are a mori apologist and you ignore the whole abuse dazai went through because of him.just to spite me.if you hate bakudeku and send hate and death threats to people who like it.if you are a known toxic/problematic person of the rp community or interact with one.if you are below the age of 18 unless we have talked before or i have followed you first.if you are above the age of 30 unless we know each other.


bonjour, my name is teddy. i'm a nb trans man over my twenties! please use he/him! i am a french person residing somewhere in europe!

i am currently jobless but trying my best to change that. i do volunteer at local organizations though!

i suffer from bipolar type 2 and other physical issues. sometimes i am incredibly lethargic. i'm also a misanthropist and don't trust people easily, but i'm really nice, i promise!

i am also really gay for shep! ♡

ppl ♡

my sun, my everything:

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tom ; link ; gina ; shell ; chelly ; prince ; hansie ; lindsey ; aster ; silver ; wrath ; iri ; nat ; sora ; sor


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